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Welcome! My name is Dara Ferguson, and I am currently a junior at Davidson College from Queens, New York. At Davidson, I am an Africana Studies and Political Science double major. The combinations of my majors allow me to look at Environmental Politics through a different analytical lens than most.

My Africana Studies background pushes me to search for the systematic injustice in environmental politics. I like to research about how politics have historically disenfranchised people and how that second-class status affects the livelihood of individuals, as their environment.

The Political Scientist in me likes to follow the formation of policies. I believe understanding the policy process is the first step to grasping politics. Environmental Politics is a sub-section of United States politics that focuses on the environment and the world we inhabit.

Pairing my two fields of study together, I can view Environmental Politics as a systematic and political issue that disproportionately affects poor, minorities in the United States.

This site displays my essays from my Political Science (POL 228) US Environmental Politics and Policy at Davidson College. If you have any comments about my pieces or my view on a particular topic, feel free to leave a comment or contact me using the information below.

Dara Ferguson 
Davidson College ’17
Student Body Vice President
Africana Studies and Political Science Major
Email: daferguson@davidson.edu

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