The Silenced Stakeholder – The Water in Flint River

Humans naturally look at problems as a series of cause and effect events. In the case of Flint, Michigan, the water crisis is framed as a situation caused by a city official which affected the residents. The environment is never factored into the cause and effect equation, and the media does not cover the crisis […]

About Dara Ferguson

My name is Dara Ferguson, and I am currently a junior at Davidson College from Queens, New York. At Davidson, I am an Africana Studies and Political Science double major. The combinations of my majors allow me to look at Environmental Politics through a different analytical lens than most. My Africana Studies background pushes me to search for the systematic injustice in environmental politics. I like to research about how politics have historically disenfranchised people and how that second-class status affects the livelihood of individuals, as their environment. The Political Scientist in me likes to follow the formation of policies. I believe understanding the policy process is the first step to grasping politics. Environmental Politics is a sub-section of United States politics that focuses on the environment and the world we inhabit. Pairing my two fields of study together, I can view Environmental Politics as a systematic and political issue that disproportionately affects poor, minorities in the United States.