Acid Rain and The Clean Air Amendments of 1990: A Stakeholder Analysis

  In 2016, the EPA reported that aggregate emissions of six common pollutants dropped 70% between 1970 and 2015 (US EPA). This decrease occurred in large part due to the signing of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. The case of the Clean Air Amendments of 1990 was fueled by rising concern over the sources …

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About Olivia Stanley

My name is Olivia Stanley and I’m from Roanoke, Virginia. I’m an environmental studies and philosophy major in the class of 2020 at Davidson College. At Davidson, I am also a member of the varsity women’s swim team and Warner Hall. I’m especially interested in ecosystem conservation and sustainability and I hope to one day be involved in environmental law.

Balancing Values

Case Response: Deepwater Horizon When money is on the line, people act irrationally without thinking of the costs. This is evident all the way from television shows like “Minute to Win It,” to deep water oil drilling companies. The dominant Read more…

Love Canal

The news spread like wildfire across the country: hundreds of families in a small neighborhood in Niagara Falls were being slowly poisoned by toxic chemicals in their own backyards. The Love Canal disaster of the 1970s highlighted the contestation between citizens who felt their well-being was at risk and experts who had to look at […]

An Application of the Precautionary Principle to the BP Oil Spill

In the spring of 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill resulted in the discharge of an alarming 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico (Layzer 2016, 367). The consequences of the spill were extreme: eleven men declared dead, severe ecological damage, and billions of dollars spent on clean-up efforts (Layzer 2016, chap. […]

Clean Air and Water Acts Case

The Clean Air and Water Acts of the early 1970s were two monumental pieces of legislation that shaped the course of environmental politics in the decades that followed. The powerful narrative framed by environmental writers and backed by… Read More

About Artem Khrapko

I am an economics major at Davidson College and have an interest in pursuing environmental policy research and law.

The Divide Between Science and Narrative in Climate Change Policy

Climate change has been a national policy issue for nearly 30 years. Despite a longstanding consensus among scientists on the urgency of climate change, there has been little effective movement towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Narratives have been at the forefront of climate debates. In her chapter on Climate Change in […]

About Anna Ramgren

I am a Junior biology major at Davidson College, however, I call Maine home. I became interested in Environmental Politics while studying abroad in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

A Clash of Values: Examining the Sagebrush Rebellion

A Clash of Values: Examining the Sagebrush Rebellion US Environmental Politics & Policy, Dr. Bullock The Sagebrush Rebellion of the late 1770s and early 1780s, the culmination of the frustration shared by many western land-owners, perfectly represents the variance in political opinion in regard to the environment between so-called environmentalists and their conservative counterparts. Although … » Learn More about A Clash of Values: Examining the Sagebrush Rebellion

Climate Change and the Knowledge Analysis

We’ve all heard the stories. In a few decades time U.S. coastal cities, such as Miami, FL, will be underwater and cease to exist. Drastic flooding that occurs now are just precursors for what is yet to come (Ruggeri 2017). And yet, despite a vast amount of scientific literature and consensus among the community, there […]

The Story of Nature’s Decline

In the Pacific Northwest, 223 million acres of fertile land is filled with towering trees that are over 200 years old. Within this ancient forest, the elusive northern spotted owl… Read More

About Katie Greene

I am a Senior Biology major at Davidson College. I am interested in wildlife conservation and forest management. I am originally from St. Augustine, FL.

Money is Power: Institutions and Management of the Chesapeake Bay

Money is Power: Institutions and Management of the Chesapeake Bay             Since 1983, local, state, and federal governments have worked together to curb pollution from entering the Chesapeake Bay, yet today serious improvements to the environmental quality of this large and ecologically important estuary remain to be seen. Unlike many cases of environmental policy in…