This site shares insights about environmental issues from students in two environmental politics courses at Davidson College, US Environmental Politics and Policy (POL 228) and Global Environmental Politics (POL 398).  Both classes takes a problem-based approach to the politics of the environment, and use a series of environmental cases to highlight the political challenges associated with solving environmental problems.  They explore a range of theories, concepts and strategies that may be helpful in understanding and overcoming those challenges. Students apply what they’ve learned in the class to specific environmental issues in short blog posts, which have been posted to this website.

Students also write short policy memos in these courses on environmental topics of their own choosing.  These memos are addressed and sent to specific policymakers, and are posted on this site as well.  Topics covered relate to urban planning, endangered species protection, climate change mitigation, energy policy, or other environmental areas.  We hope you find these memos and posts interesting and engaging, and that they demonstrate how particular theories and concepts can inform our understanding of real-world issues and highlight opportunities for effective action.

These courses are taught by Dr. Graham Bullock, Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies at Davidson College.  To learn more about Dr. Bullock’s work, please visit www.grahambullock.com.  To learn about other courses offered by Dr. Bullock, please visit www.theorytoaction.com.