Deepwater Horizon

Lax government regulation allowed BP to lower safety and maintenance standards in an inane cost cutting measure. The Bush and Obama administration cultivated a “deep water oil rush”…

About Nicholas Trevino

I’m Nicholas Trevino a Junior Davidson College political science student studying Human trafficking, Environmental degradation and East-Asian Politics. I was born in Jacksonville Florida, but I have travelled to China, India, and Sri Lanka.

Understanding the Narrative of Fracking

Mitchell Energy pioneered the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to extract natural gas from shale in the 1980’s and 1990’s (Layzer, 2016). Since then, fracking has received much controversy, even receiving a ban in New York in… Read More

Jack Owens

About Jack Owens

I am a member of the class of 2018 at Davidson College, majoring in educational studies and public policy. I am from just outside of Baltimore city in a small town called Hereford. I am very interested in environmental education and the relationship between schooling, communities, and environmental politics. Aside from political science I also have many interests in music and spend most of my free time writing and playing with various bands at Davidson College.

Dudley Street: Local Solutions to National Problems

Judith Layzer’s Dudley Street case reads like a Michael Lewis novel, in which a band of misfits rally together to take on the establishment (Tobar 2014). The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) – while not exactly a band of misfits – remains a small, committed group of locals challenging the status quo and bettering their […]

Matt Landini

About Matt Landini

Bachelor of Political Science at Davidson College. Aspiring law student. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Response to the Politics of the ANWR

A stakeholder analysis of the debate over oil extraction in the Arctic national wildlife refuge reveals most stakeholders reside in one of two main camps of ideology and political motivation found in many cases concerning the environment and natural resources: environmentalists vs pro-development advocates…

Chase Conrad

About Chase Conrad

Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. I am a sophomore political science major here at Davidson, but my studies here are much broader. Besides being an outdoor nut, I was motivated in this course by my curiosity in the ways identities, politics and environments intersect and inform each other.

Case Response Paper

The Love Canal: A Narrative Analysis The story of the environmental disaster at the Love Canal lends itself to many different interpretations. The setting was in the late ‘70s in Upstate New York, at a time when environmental issues had particular salience. The people of Niagara Falls told a passionate tale about their safety and […]

About Patrick Spauster

I’m Patrick. I was born in New York City and grew up going to school in New England. I am a double major in Economics and Public Policy Studies at Davidson. In my spare time I like to play ultimate frisbee.

Clashing Values and Sprawling Population in Portland

This case, as with every case we have studied so far this year, is fundamentally a clash of contradicting values. For three decades a set of values based…

Grant Koehl

About Grant Koehl

I am a current freshman at Davidson College pursuing a degree in Political Science. I was born in Washington D.C., but was raised in Boise, ID. I am especially interested in American politics. I see environmental issues as some of the most important domestic issues today.

Institutional Analysis of the Management of the Chesapeake Bay

  Once one of the most scenic and productive estuaries in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay has experienced significant declines in water quality over the past few decades. Factors such as poorly regulated poultry farming, increased human development, and improperly treated sewage have exacerbated problems in the Bay. Despite spending billions of dollars to … Continue reading Institutional Analysis of the Management of the Chesapeake Bay

About Stephen Mershon

Originally from Waretown, New Jersey, I am currently an Environmental Studies major at Davidson College (Class of 2017). My environmental interests are mostly related to ecology and water quality. I am also interested in interdisciplinary connections between the natural sciences and the social sciences.

Cape Wind: A Narrative Analysis

A vision of peaceful spinning windmills out on the horizon, the silent beauty among the crashing of the waves. Ugly mechanical bird killing machines ruining the view. There are many strong opinions about the issues of wind energy. When looking at the Cape Wind…

Leah Hubert

About Leah Hubert

I’m Leah! I went to Wootton High School, Class of 2014. I’m a political science major and anthropology minor at Davidson College. I’m a proud member of the Davidson College Swimming and Diving women’s team.

Environmental Case Response Paper

Climate change has been a complicated issue since it was first recognized in the 20th century, and this complexity has lent itself to many different narratives. The scale of the problem has allowed certain stakeholders to frame the issue in a way that makes…

Justin Garcia-Bunuel

About Justin Garcia-Bunuel

My name is Justin Garcia-Bunuel, and I am a political science major at Davidson College. I grew up on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in a lazy town called Cambridge, Maryland. Living right on the Choptank River, which feeds directly into the Chesapeake Bay, allowed me to see the what is really happening to the waterways of the United States. My family had a boat, and I quickly grew accustomed to the styrofoam cups, aluminum cans, candy wrappers, and countless other pieces of trash that gathered in the water around the harbor. So, when my family moved to Baltimore, it wasn’t that hard to get used to the amount of trash floating in the inner harbor either.
Being so comfortable with that degree of pollution is disturbing, yet pollution surrounds us, so it’s hard not to get used to it. Living in close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay made the pollution of our waterways a very salient issue for me, but I have since become more aware of the countless other environmental issues facing the planet.

Case Response: ANWR

The case of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was a particularly contested issue with two fundamentally differing sides: those who advocated for the importance of resource extraction (particularly oil), and those who valued preservation over economic gain. In examining the power, attitude, proximity and interest (PAPI model) of the stakeholders, this case exemplifies the concept […]

Allie Hale

About Allie Hale

I am a member of the Davidson College class of 2017 from Boston, MA. As a Political Science major with a passion for sustainability and environmental justice, I am interested in environmental policy. In my free time I enjoy photography and running.