Flint Michigan Water Crisis

Flint’s lead water crisis demonstrates how austerity measures disproportionally fall on socioeconomically disadvantaged stakeholders who possess little recourse to affect policy. Historically marginalized stakeholders suffer from environmental degradation…

About Nicholas Trevino

I’m Nicholas Trevino a Junior Davidson College political science student studying Human trafficking, Environmental degradation and East-Asian Politics. I was born in Jacksonville Florida, but I have travelled to China, India, and Sri Lanka.

Compressor Stations or Public Health-Which One is More Important?

Private Land, Natural Gas or Renewable Energy? In Buckingham County, Virginia, Dominion Natural Gas Company is attempting to install natural gas compressor stations every 50 to 80sq. miles over a span of 550sq. miles. Residents and supporters of Buckingham County are rallying against Dominion officials who are surveying on private land, along with their proposed […]

Kate Meeks

About Kate Meeks

Hi, my name is Kate Meeks and I'm a sophomore Anthropology major. I play field hockey for Davidson and am a member of FCA and Warner Hall Eating House.

Would You Eat Synthetic Meat? A Stakeholder Analysis of the Synth Meat Industry

Recently at Maastricht University in Germany, researchers have developed biologically identical beef grown in petri dishes (He 2016). The researchers aim to combat the excessive methane emissions from the American meat industry (He 2016). While their cultured meat… Read More

Jack Owens

About Jack Owens

I am a member of the class of 2018 at Davidson College, majoring in educational studies and public policy. I am from just outside of Baltimore city in a small town called Hereford. I am very interested in environmental education and the relationship between schooling, communities, and environmental politics. Aside from political science I also have many interests in music and spend most of my free time writing and playing with various bands at Davidson College.

Coal, Carbon, and Controversy: Pushback Against the Clean Power Plan in Ohio

President Barack Obama unveiled the Clean Power Plan (CPP) on August 3, 2015. The program, drafted collaboratively between the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), enforces significant limits on carbon emissions from active power plants. In achieving this goal, the program set new standards for compliance of individual power plants, while mandating that […]

Matt Landini

About Matt Landini

Bachelor of Political Science at Davidson College. Aspiring law student. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

Racial Discrimination in the Flint Water Crisis

“Flint is a place I have been devoted to helping…I’ve made a focused effort since I started in office to say, ‘We need to work hard to help people that have the greatest need,’ ” Michigan’s Governor Snyder told the public. Such a response…

Chase Conrad

About Chase Conrad

Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. I am a sophomore political science major here at Davidson, but my studies here are much broader. Besides being an outdoor nut, I was motivated in this course by my curiosity in the ways identities, politics and environments intersect and inform each other. Cheers!

Current Events Response Paper

The Energy Policy Modernization Act: A Stakeholder Analysis United States energy policy is extremely outdated. This month the Senate considers the first update to energy policy in eight years. Progress on the bipartisan legislation has stalled, however, due to unexpected environmental crisis, competing interests, and passionate stakeholders. The existing bill has a number of goals. […]

About Patrick Spauster

I’m Patrick. I was born in New York City and grew up going to school in New England. I am a double major in Economics and Public Policy Studies at Davidson. In my spare time I like to play ultimate frisbee. https://www.facebook.com/kcirtap101

Stakeholders Scramble as Gas Spews in Southern California

On October 23rd a natural gas well in Aliso Canyon, in Southern California, started leaking. That leak still has not been fixed. Since the leak started, 91,000 metric…

Grant Koehl

About Grant Koehl

I am a current freshman at Davidson College pursuing a degree in Political Science. I was born in Washington D.C., but was raised in Boise, ID. I am especially interested in American politics. I see environmental issues as some of the most important domestic issues today.

Stakeholder Analysis of the Obama Administration’s Proposed Oil Drilling Regulations

  Each year, more than sixty billion cubic feet of methane gas are accidentally released from United States oil and gas operations (Bureau of Land Management 2016). This leakage not only wastes a finite quantity of energy resources, but also places United States citizens at a direct risk of declining environmental quality. On January 22, … Continue reading Stakeholder Analysis of the Obama Administration’s Proposed Oil Drilling Regulations

About Stephen Mershon

Originally from Waretown, New Jersey, I am currently an Environmental Studies major at Davidson College (Class of 2017). My environmental interests are mostly related to ecology and water quality. I am also interested in interdisciplinary connections between the natural sciences and the social sciences.

The Delta Smelt: A Stakeholder Analysis

In California a major issue is how to uphold environmental laws in the midst of an unprecedented drought. A specific example garnering a large amount of press is the issue of the critically endangered species the Delta Smelt. This tiny fish is about the…

Leah Hubert

About Leah Hubert

I'm Leah! I went to Wootton High School, Class of 2014. I'm a political science major and anthropology minor at Davidson College. I'm a proud member of the Davidson College Swimming and Diving women's team.

Ecological Modernization Motivates New York Hotels to Become Stakeholders in NYC Carbon Challenge

  This past January, Shivani Vora of the New York Times reported on the decision by seventeen New York City-based hotels to join the NYC Carbon Challenge (Vora 2016). This initiative, established by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in 2007, and continued by the incumbent, Mayor Bill de Blasio, is one of New York City’s primary […]

Livesey Pack

About Livesey Pack

Livesey is a member of the Class of 2017 at Davidson College. She is majoring in Political Science, with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. She is particularly interested in urban sustainability, and in how built environments interact and co-exist with natural environments.